Disappointing Show of Leadership from Globe

UPDATE: Globe, through its representative Havas Media, has released their statement on the issue. Please read it here.

Tonight, at an event, I heard the most distasteful comment I’ve heard from a CEO. “Kukunti lang ang kilala kong may itsura na Smart user.” – Ernest Cu, CEO of Globe Telecoms.
And it wasn’t just me who heard him.
This explains a lot about why Globe is taking so much flak these days. Companies rise and fall on leadership.

It’s already sad it enough that Globe is making their paying customers suffer through their service, but to make fun of your competitor’s clients is below the belt.


More action, less talk, Mr. Cu, that’s how you become a great leader and a trust-worthy company.

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  1. smart user ka kasi kaya ka tinamaan.

    listen to what the guys from smart also say about globe users. talk about competition.

    all things being equal, these two telcos are just sword-rattling. you still choose which telco to go.

    • what does smart say about globe users?

  2. Baka Hindi Lang smart user yan, malamang NASA payroll yan

  3. Wow, that’s just harsh….



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