My Lazada Christmas Wishlist for Gadgets

My Lazada Christmas Wishlist for Gadgets

With the calendar flipping over to September, we are now entering the unofficial start of the Philippine Christmas season.

As diligent natives, most of us are already making mental and actual lists of things to buy for ourselves and for others.

Since I’m a big fan of online shopping ( I was even called an online shopping expert by a morning television show) and also a gadget aficionado, I’d like to share to you my recommended Lazada Christmas Wishlist /checklist for this Christmas season. Why Lazada? Well, for one, all these gadgets are available from the online shopping mall, Two, I am very satisfied with their services.

My recommendations are based on any or all of the following things:

  • First hand experience
  • Specs
  • Online reviews
  • Gut-feel

So, listed below, in no particular order, are my recommended gadget purchases for this Christmas.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

The power and form-factor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is perfect for portability, reading, and sketching. Imagine all the awesome features of the original Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 compressed into an 8-inch frame, that’s what the Note 8.0 is.  God-willing, I’ll probably buy this for myself this Christmas: it’s that nice.

Haipad Zync

This tablet is simple, cheap, and good for Internet browsing, e-book reading, social networking, and music playing. And suprisingly, based on a video review posted here, it’s a very capable tablet. Just be wary of its battery life: 2800Mhz won’t last that long before you start reaching for the charger.

Samsung ATIV PC Pro

What else can you ask for?

  • It’s a tablet that runs Windows 8.
  • It converts into a notebook computer.
  • It’s powered by an Intel Core i5 processor.
  • It has a stylus pen…
  • … and has S Note.

Mobile phones

Sony Xperia Z

It’s big, powerful, it’s made by Sony and it’s dust-, and water-proof. ‘Nuff said. (Also, it’s made by Sony, their brand is their guarantee.)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is already an awesome phone. What can make it better? Why, water-proofing and dust-proofing, of course! That’s where the S4 Active comes in: it’s the S4 with added protection to fit your active lifestyle, hence it’s called Active.


Asus VivoBook S400CA

I’ve been using the 11.6″ version of this laptop for the last three months and I highly recommend it to first time Windows 8 users. The touchscreen gives you the full Windows 8 experience, but you have to take note of the glare. It’s relatively thin and light (compared to most laptops) and the Core i5 processor is very handy for processor-intensive applications like Photoshop and AutoCAD.

External harddrive

Seagate BackupPlus 1.0Tb Portable Harddrive

Almost every aspect of your like these days is digital. The best way to keep those digital assets (photos, videos, music, files) is have a backup or several backups. Having a 1Tb portable harddrive is a practical way to save those assets. Just make sure to back up the back up. Sh!t happens, better be ready.


Canon A2500

This small point and shoot camera from Canon is one bang-for-buck device. Don’t let its cheap price fool you, it produces good images when outdoors and acceptable image quality indoors. And for its price, it’s all worth it.

Canon Powershot G15

The G-series of Canon’s Powershot family of products has always been considered prosumer (above consumer-level, but not professional level). The G15 is no exception. It still feels and performs as solid as its predecessors. If you want a durable everyday camera that doesn’t weigh as much as a DSLR, get this one.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

We personally bought this camera just to try out if all the hype by Samsung has any basis. After using it for 5 months, we can safely say that his camera is fun to use and very handy when you want a quick (high-quality) photo to share on your social networks. Image quality is at far with most point-and-shoots, and the zoom range is very handy. Even if you’re not that good with photography technicalities, the presets on this camera will give you great results, it’s like having Adobe Photoshop inside your camera. By the way, this camera is an Android device so can basically install all the photo apps you want. Just sayin’.

So there you have it, my Lazada Christmas Wishlist for gadgets you may consider getting this Christmas. You can buy them for yourself, or you can buy them for others.

In any case, if you want to know more about the devices I recommended, use Google. 🙂

My First Experience With

My First Experience With

Note: This review is a retelling of my personal experience with or Lazada Online Shopping Mall. This is not a paid review and does not reflect the sentiments of any of my associates or my employees and businesses. All opinions stated in the following paragraphs are all mine.

I’ve been curious about the Lazada Online Shopping Mall for a while now, especially after seeing their TV commercials and Facebook Ads. So to satiate my curiousity, I ordered a small product from their online store.

Johnny Air Cargo Retail Padala: the quick and affordable shipping from US to Philippines

Johnny Air Cargo Retail Padala: the quick and affordable shipping from US to Philippines

UPDATE – 19 April 2011 – I received an email from Johnny Air Cargo that taxes are included in their shipping fees. Nice, even with the taxes included they’re still cheaper that the big name couriers!

I’m a practical gadget and electronics enthusiast (technology junky). I get excited about consumer electronics easily and it frustrates me when those gadgets are only available from abroad, specifically, in the US. If I buy from the US, I’m forced to pay an unbelievable shipping cost because of international shipping. I’ve been shopping online for a decade already and I’ve written a short, but helpful guide on how to shop online and buy items abroad here.

In this article, I want to give some much earned attention to my favorite shipping service from the US: Johnny Air Cargo Retail Padala.

To get some information about the history of Johnny Air Cargo (JAC), visit there About page here. Johnny Air Cargo Retail Padala is their service for shipping items from the United States to the Philippines. Well, it’s not as simple as that. They offer more. They do the following for you: (more…)

SMART Bro Unlimusic – Free MUSIC for SMART Bro Subscribers

SMART Bro Unlimusic – Free MUSIC for SMART Bro Subscribers

I’ve been a SMART Broadband or SMART Bro subscriber since 2004. I was actually the first in our street to avail of their service. Though SmartBRO’s service is not perfect (no broadband provider is), I’ve received consistent service ever since.

Now, I’ve just learned of a new FREE service for SMART Bro subscribers: SMART Bro UNLIMUSIC. Unlimusic lets you download the greatest hits from your artists. They currently boasts of 300,000 songs available as FREE downloads for SMART Bro subscribers only.

If you’re a SMART Bro subscriber, why not check the UNLIMUSIC page and check if your favorite songs are available. I’ve downloaded 5 songs already, and I’ll probably download a thousand more.

Check the SMART Bro UNLIMUSIC website at:

A Good Introduction to Filmmaking with Video DSLRs

A Good Introduction to Filmmaking with Video DSLRs

Ever since I came across the works of Philip Bloom(the cinematographer that became famous because of his inspiring works with video-capable DSLR cameras), my interest for video and film making has been getting the best of me.  To get started again with video, I got hold of a Canon EOS 550D/T2i so that I can learn the basics of HDSLR film making. ( “HDSLR” is the other name of HD-video capable DSLRs) Because of this urge to learn, I went looking for good resource materials to help with the learning process.

One resource I found that I believe will help a lot of newbie filmmakers is the B&H DSLR Guide.

According to the B&H website:

The guide is an educational tool meant to provide critical information to independent filmmakers, photographers and cinematographers that want to create compelling content but would like to know more about the new form of filmmaking. In the guide, also find different categories of products that may be useful on a film set such as the latest lens controls, viewfinders, cameras, audio accessories, etc.

What I like about the guide they created is that it gives you a good overview of what is required to do HDSLR film making, and it has a great list of recommendations of products that can you tailor to your video projects.

So if you interested in making videos and films with your video DSLRs, go and check out the B&H HDSLR guide.

Things to Know about Buying Stuff Abroad When You’re in the Philippines

Things to Know about Buying Stuff Abroad When You’re in the Philippines

A lot of people would agree with me when I say that one of the best things that came out from the Internet is online shopping. Online shopping is convenient, exciting, and ADDICTIVE. Unfortunately, online shopping isn’t instant gratification: you still have to wait for items to arrive. For some, the waiting adds to the excitement of buying online. To some, the waiting is the most annoying part of online shopping.

I’ve been shopping online since 2002. My first purchase was for a 2nd laptop from an Ebay seller in the U.S. I got hooked after the first bid. After 8 years, I’ve learned enough lessons on doing international online shopping that now I’m listing these lessons  in the following section. I hope they help you with your exploration into international online shopping. (more…)