Faith in Humanity

Humans are naturally evil. It takes effort to be good and do good, especially these days. The lazy ones just lie, steal, attack and grab. The really good people are those that earn their worth without resorting to deceit, envy, greed and malice.

My faith in humanity is small, but my faith in God is bigger.

May God’s will prevail, and may people receive what they deserve.



Christians as sheep

Sheep (noun)
– mindless, for profit
– sold for meat
– follow their shepherd

“I follow Christ not because I am mindless,  but because I am enlightened.”

I consider my self as sheep following my shepherd, Jesus Christ. As a true shepherd, He only leads His sheep on the right direction, and He thinks of the welfare of his flock.

People who think Christians follow their pastors blindly should also remember that if we are to call ourselves followers of Christ, we should follow the teachings of Christ completely and trusting him completely like sheep to a shepherd.

The great thing about following Christ the Shepherd is that we know the great outcome of this faithfulness: life everlasting.

Forgive But Don’t Forget

Forgive But Don’t Forget


I often take some time off from my busy schedule to just sit down and do some idle thinking. One particular afternoon, my mind wandered off to the topic of forgiveness.

Here’s how the ideas played in my mind:

If you forgive it means you understand and accept the act and you are willing to move on beyond that act. But, to forget means to be vulnerable to the same act all over again. My suggestion: Forgive and Learn.

Learn to know who you can trust. Learn to know who you should not trust. Learn to avoid the same mistakes.

As one of Albert Einstein’s quotes goes,

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

To apply that quote to an example: You are insane if you keep letting a person or group of persons hurt you again and again because you forgive and forget them every single time they hurt you.

The prevalence and wide acceptance of forgive and forget mentality has damage and corrupted our culture to a terrifying extent. We have convicted criminals in government, elected again and again.

We have political dynasties whose criminal track records go as far as the American occupation but are still in power.

If we take a look at current events, the show of arrogance by the Mayor of Makati and his family is an example. As everyone on the Internet knows by now, the Binays blatantly and shamelessly forced their way into a closed entrance gate of a private and exclusive subdivision in Makati. Their reason for doing so: according to them it’s their privilege because they are in power.

Now, this type of arrogance is being discussed online and a lot of people are expressing disgust. But the sad truth is, after a while, the masses, the urban poor majority, and the uninformed and uneducated people will forget this incident. A lot of these people will just forgive the act because the Binays will give them dole outs — or false hopes. Binays are notorious for doing that. I can predict that when the 2016 elections come, the dark forces (pun intended) of the Binays will win. Why? Because a lot of people have forgiven and forgotten. (If you want to sign a petition condemning the arrogance of the Binays, please go here).

Now, this is my plea to every Internet user in the Philippines: Forgive but don’t forget. Help others not forget, too. Keep the discussion alive on the issues that have been exposed. Keep asking questions on official government social media channels. Keep resharing the (horror) stories of these criminals in the government or anywhere.

We, the people who are privileged enough to access the Internet, have the responsibility to know, inquire, verify and share information that will expose the criminals and wrong doers.

To save our future, we must all forgive but don’t forget.

Squatters and their victims

Squatters and their victims


Like in most sensational crimes, too much focus is given on the criminals. The victims, the ones that got hurt, that got offended, and sometimes killed, are usually left out. In some more depressing turn of events, the victims are even painted as the bad people.

With the increasing attention on the issue of informal settlers, most people and organizations forget and/or neglect the victims of the squatters,  the hardworking people that owned the land that these illegal settlers settled in and claimed as their own.

My family is a victim of these squatters. We have a tiny piece of land in Rizal that my parents worked hard for. When it was time for us to develop it, we found out it was overrun by squatters. We decided to let it go because we will be up against 200 or so families plus the government officials who let them stay there. Also because the Lina Law, or Republic Act No. 7279, Section 28 states that:

(8) Adequate relocation, whether temporary or permanent: Provided, however, That in cases of eviction and demolition pursuant to a court order involving underprivileged and homeless citizens, relocation shall be undertaken by the local government unit concerned and the National Housing Authority with the assistance of other government agencies within forty-five (45) days from service of notice of final judgment by the court, after which period the said order shall be executed: Provided, further, That should relocation not be possible within the said period, financial assistance in the amount equivalent to the prevailing minimum daily wage multiplied by sixty (60) days shall be extended to the affected families by the local government unit concerned.

That basically means the government has to provide them with a new home or pay the squatters before evicting them off the property.

What about the landowner, who compensates them? Who gives them a replacement lot? What about the dreams of my parents to have a lot that they can pass on to their children, or even build a retirement home on? Don’t we also have rights as citizens? Aren’t we the ones who paid the real estate tax year after year? Doesn’t that sound a bit unfair: we pay for the land yet someone else uses and abuses it?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why some people squat on land they don’t own, but it doesn’t mean I agree with it.

If you take possession and claim someone else’s property as your own, that is stealing, plain and simple. Stealing is illegal. Hence, squatting is illegal. Let us not fool ourselves with terminologies.

At the end of the day, squatters get a free house or some money, while the owner of the land gets the burden and the headache.
Who’s the victim now?

I’ve read that the average person uses only 10% of his or her brain capacity. In my experience, a lot more use even less.

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