Forgive But Don’t Forget

Forgive But Don’t Forget


I often take some time off from my busy schedule to just sit down and do some idle thinking. One particular afternoon, my mind wandered off to the topic of forgiveness.

Here’s how the ideas played in my mind:

If you forgive it means you understand and accept the act and you are willing to move on beyond that act. But, to forget means to be vulnerable to the same act all over again. My suggestion: Forgive and Learn.

Learn to know who you can trust. Learn to know who you should not trust. Learn to avoid the same mistakes.

As one of Albert Einstein’s quotes goes,

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

To apply that quote to an example: You are insane if you keep letting a person or group of persons hurt you again and again because you forgive and forget them every single time they hurt you.

The prevalence and wide acceptance of forgive and forget mentality has damage and corrupted our culture to a terrifying extent. We have convicted criminals in government, elected again and again.

We have political dynasties whose criminal track records go as far as the American occupation but are still in power.

If we take a look at current events, the show of arrogance by the Mayor of Makati and his family is an example. As everyone on the Internet knows by now, the Binays blatantly and shamelessly forced their way into a closed entrance gate of a private and exclusive subdivision in Makati. Their reason for doing so: according to them it’s their privilege because they are in power.

Now, this type of arrogance is being discussed online and a lot of people are expressing disgust. But the sad truth is, after a while, the masses, the urban poor majority, and the uninformed and uneducated people will forget this incident. A lot of these people will just forgive the act because the Binays will give them dole outs — or false hopes. Binays are notorious for doing that. I can predict that when the 2016 elections come, the dark forces (pun intended) of the Binays will win. Why? Because a lot of people have forgiven and forgotten. (If you want to sign a petition condemning the arrogance of the Binays, please go here).

Now, this is my plea to every Internet user in the Philippines: Forgive but don’t forget. Help others not forget, too. Keep the discussion alive on the issues that have been exposed. Keep asking questions on official government social media channels. Keep resharing the (horror) stories of these criminals in the government or anywhere.

We, the people who are privileged enough to access the Internet, have the responsibility to know, inquire, verify and share information that will expose the criminals and wrong doers.

To save our future, we must all forgive but don’t forget.

10 Leadership Lessons I Learned in my 35 Years of Existence

Throughout my 35 years of existence, I’ve had the good fortune of being in a position of leadership and management. From my scouting years until my corporate and business life, I’ve never shied away from the role of a leader when the task was given to me.

These are my top Ten (10) Leadership Lessons that I’ve learned from my 35 Years of Existence; I haven’t perfected them yet because as the old cliché goes, I’m still a work in progress.

1. A good leader must also be a good follower.

How can you expect your subordinates to abide by the rules you implement if you can’t apply them yourself?

2. Lead, don’t push people.

Forcing your staff to do something is hard. But, making your staff understand the task and leading them to its completion is easier and will be met with less resistance.

3. Lead by example.

Rather than forcing people to do what you want, show them how to do it and then let them follow your lead. For example, there’s a new order from upper management, make sure that you obey that order first before you require everyone else do to the same. Don’t just be a loudspeaker for your bosses.

4. Inspire, guide and teach you followers so they can do the same when it’s their time to lead.

A real leader makes it a point to have a plan of succession. You don’t want to always be in that position. Train your staff to be capable of doing your job eventually, so that when you move up or move out, your team will still function well. Doing so will also give those below you the opportunity to explore their leadership potentials. Leaders grow themselves and grow other people, too.

5. Respect begets respect.

If you respect your subordinates they most of the time will respect you back. But there will always be one or more that won’t. For those exemptions, just treat them fairly and justly. Respect is earned, not demanded.

6. Empower your staff to do the right thing, always.

Give them the assurance that if they do the right thing they will be rewarded or at least won’t be harassed. Build up the culture of honesty. Also, empowering your staff to always do the right thing will benefit your company’s reputation in the long run. Honesty is an investment.

7. You can never be the perfect boss to everyone.

You can’t always expect all your staff to like you: that’s a fact of life. Instead of wasting your time, just accept that fact and do your job. Treat your staff fairly, justly, and they will eventually learn to tolerate you.

8. A good manager knows how to balance company priorities AND the welfare of his staff.

This is one skill that all managers should learn. If you prioritize  the demands of upper managements and neglect the sentiments and welfare of your subordinates, sooner or later your staff will complain. Worse, they can even make your life harder because they will accuse you of being a suck up. It’s the responsibility of a manager to make sure that the demands of the company are attainable and fair for the employees that will do them. If you feel that the demands are beyond the capabilities of your team, raise the concern to upper management and/or find a way for your team to be able to meet those requirements.

9. Leaders accept responsibility for their mistakes.

This is very basic: if it’s your fault, accept the blame and sincerely apologize. Afterwards, move on and work on improving yourself and your team. Real leaders knows how to say “I’m sorry” sincerely.

10. Never stop learning and never stop learning how to become a better leader.

As our business mentor, Francis Kong, always say: “Great leaders read a lot and never stop learning.” Accept the reality that you are not perfect and you don’t know everything, hence you need to study more and improve yourself faster.

I am in no way a perfect leader. I’m still working out the kinks and making an effort to master the 10 lessons above.

One thing is certain, I am thankful to everyone who has allowed me to lead them, and even more thankful to God for giving me the skills and opportunities to lead and teach other people.

After 35 Years of Existence I look forward to more years of leadership opportunities. Thank you everyone.

Local Online Shopping: When Buying Local is Cheaper

Local Online Shopping: When Buying Local is Cheaper

I’ve often recommended to people that before they purchase any gadget or electronics from local stores they should check out or Lately, I’ve been doing a bigger part of my online shopping from the local online shopping site This time around, buying local was much cheaper and faster and generally better than buying abroad.

When I needed to replace my 2 year old Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle With Smoke Lens, I decided to check for possible replacements. I saw one made by Zoggs, the Zoggs Phantom Tinted Soft Seal Clear Black Goggles that sold for Php 532.00. I know Zoggs was a good enough brand after reading several reviews of their products.


I went to (where I bought my Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle With Smoke Lens) to compare the price and found that they were selling the same model I found in at a much more expensive price of USD 29.40 or roughly Php 1,274.00. I was a bit surprised because my previous goggles were cheaper in Amazon than those sold in retail stores locally.


So I ordered the Zoggs along with a digital weighing scale (for my fitness challenge) from Lazada Online Shopping Mall and had them paid on delivery (or COD). The items arrived the next day, similar to my last purchase from

So far, the Zoggs goggles are working great, and I’ve logged more than 20 kilometers of swimming with them.


I’ll do a formal review of the goggles on my other blog, Life.Change.Challenge. But for now, to compare it with my Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle With Smoke Lens‘, the fit and comfort of the Zoggs Phantom is not at far with the Aqua Sphere Kayenne. But it terms of lens clarity, the Zoggs is clearly the winner. 🙂

Inside Malacañang – A Documentary by National Geographic Channel

Inside Malacañang – A Documentary by National Geographic Channel

From left: Sean General (PR-Agatep), Russel Patalinghog, President Benigno Aquino III, Arvin Ello, Dennison Uy, and Brian Carrera Shaw

Tonight at 9PM, the documentary Inside Malacañang will be aired on National Geographic Channel.

As I was growing up, I’ve always enjoyed watching documentaries especially those from the National Geographic Channel. I would fight it out with my siblings just to take over the TV set during Saturday afternoon when National Geographic Specials was aired on a local channel. When I entered the video production industry, one of my main specialization was documentaries. I’ve toured the Philippines and even Africa doing documentaries.

Then early this year, I started seeing the teaser for  Inside Malacañang, a documentary that takes an exclusive guided tour inside the official residence of the country’s chief executive. I was thinking to myself, “finally someone did an Inside documentary in the Philippines.” The nationalistic part of me was proud that National Geographic Channel was featuring it.

Come late January, I got an email from Sean General of Agatep Associates, a PR agency I have worked with. I was invited, along with 14 other bloggers, to attend the exclusive premiere screening of this historical documentary in Malacañang itself last February 28, 2012. After the screening we, the four bloggers with the President in the picture above, were able to talk with President Benigno Aquino III about traffic, bureaucracy (how long it takes to order office supplies in the government), and his key agendas during his term. The President was open to all questions we threw at him.

Afterwards, I was also able to talk with the director, producer, and head writer of the documentary Marnie Manicad, the wife of Jiggy Manicad of GMA. Wonderful people, those two. We discussed the challenges they faced during the one and a half years it took to produce Inside Malacañang.

I won’t give spoilers, but instead let’s watch the documentary together tonight at 9PM March 18, 2012, on National Geographic Channel. Let’s support this historical event as Inside Malacañang opens the doors to this historical residence and as President Benigno Aquino III states in his speech during the premiere, he wants to break the common viewpoint that the Palace “is a well-guarded structure, removed from everyday life; a house of power and authority whose occupants influence the lives of all Filipinos.”


The End of My Photography…


Yes, after a lot of time deliberating on that decision, I have decided to let go of my photography blog,

There were a lot of factors surrounding that decision but it’s all for the best.

From now on, I will only create my photography-related posts in

Thank you to those that visited the site. And as always, if you have questions about photography that you think I can help with, don’t hesitate to email me at