About RusselCP.com

About RusselCP.com

Russelcp.com is the personal blog of Russel C. Patalinghog (me).

I’ll be writing about technology, photography and life in general, inserting my opinions, suggestions and whatever else that enters my mind along the way.

If you feel the urge to react, comment or just say something, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Again, thanks for reading my blogs, and please do come back for more.


This site was formerly called the Digital Light Scribe. 

The Digital Light Scribe was the personal blog of Russel CP (Me). If you want to know how I came up with the title, here’s a breakdown:

Digital – I’m a gadget geek, and I like electronic devices or “stuff” and most of this stuff are digital.

Light – I’m into photography, and photography is the art of light. Without light, there won’t be any photographs.

Scribe – Another way of saying writer. Technical writing used to be is my main profession (ahoo! – 300), and I intend to use this blog to exercise my writing skills.